Want to be in the Message House Book?

By November 25, 2013mhblog
Marc Fest

Marc Fest

Would you like to be featured in a book about the Message House method?

I’m looking for people who have used the Message House method for organizational, project-related or even individual messaging, to feature in a book I’m writing about the method. It’ll be a short, compact book, easy to digest and quick to put to work, just like the method itself.

We’d first conduct a brief phone conversation in which I could explain more and we could determine together whether your Message House “story” is a fit. The next step would be a longer phone conversation (approx. 60 mins) which I will record and in which we talk in depth about your experience. I will then draft an initial text. The interviewee gets to review and sign off on the final version of his or her story in the book (with the caveat that I may not be able to control later cuts by the publisher’s editor).

Do you have a Message House story to share?

Then please contact me.

Thank you!


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