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The Message House Method is a simple and systematic approach to creating key messages and getting your team to use them.

Toolkit Contents

  1. The eBooklet (20 minute read)
  2. A quick-start one-pager
  3. Templates in different formats

MessageHouse.org founder Marc Fest during an Elevator Speech Training session

What we do

We help clients create Message Houses by working with them on how they speak about their project, product, or organization. We call the approach “Message House-based Elevator Speech Training.” It only requires one or two hours of your time. At the end, you don’t just have a Message House. You will have also created and practiced a new pitch about what you do.

To learn more, head over to Elevator Speech Training at www.est.io.

80 CEOs and Executive Directors have endorsed the one-hour Message House-based Elevator Speech Training crash course. More at www.est.io.

“In just an hour, Marc helped me distill complex institutional language.”

Joshua David, Co-Founder, The High Line

“I have never experienced a more streamlined, to-the-point, and helpful one-hour training session.”

Ben Strauss, CEO and Chief Scientist, Climate Central

“In a short hour I went from a decent pitch to a targeted, clear, well focused ask.”

Joshua Ginsberg, President, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Thinking about communications for a project? Message-House-based executive speaking training perfects  your pitch to any stakeholder and generates a Message House for your team–all in one fell swoop.


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