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The Message House Method is a simple and systematic approach to creating key messages and getting your team to use them.

Toolkit Contents

  1. The eBooklet (20 minute read)
  2. A quick-start one-pager
  3. Templates in different formats

FYI: 80 CEOs and Executive Directors have endorsed the one-hour Message House-based Elevator Speech Training crash course. More at www.est.io (or check your confirmation email later).

“In just an hour, Marc helped me distill complex institutional language.”

Joshua David, Co-Founder, The High Line

“I have never experienced a more streamlined, to-the-point, and helpful one-hour training session.”

Ben Strauss, CEO and Chief Scientist, Climate Central

“In a short hour I went from a decent pitch to a targeted, clear, well focused ask.”

Joshua Ginsberg, President, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

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