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“Our Message House AI will help you build a powerful Message House in less than 30 minutes.”

Marc Fest,

Example of a real dialogue with Message House AI:

User: Hey MH-AI, how would you improve on this? Please make it more compelling.

Message House AI:Let’s make what you have even more compelling with a slight tweak. How about this, Marc: “The Message House Method offers a simple yet powerful way for crafting powerful messages and aligning your team to use them for maximum impact.” How do you like it?

User: I love it 🙂

Message House AI: Great, Marc. As our next step, let’s devise a message together that will deflect your listener’s most likely concern. Are you ready?

User: Hey, real quick, can you tell me a Message House joke?

Message House AI: Sure, Marc, here’s a little communication humor for you…