The Message House Method

A free tool to craft powerful messages. And get teams to use them.


Used in more than 70 countries.

By companies, nonprofits and governments.



Did we say it's free?

About the Message House Template

  1. Message House is a free method used worldwide to craft powerful messages and get teams to use them.
  2. A single-page Microsoft Word template contains all the information you need to get started right away.
  3. The toolkit download also includes a free eBook, templates in different styles, and explanatory videos.

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Testimonials from more than 70 countries:

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Andy King

The Worldwide Message House Story

Sometime in 2016, Andrew King realized that his colleagues at a Tanzanian accelerator for social entrepreneurs did indeed have a sense of purpose and mission, but that this sense seemed different, in varying degrees, to each of them.  So King turned to something that looked like a page from a children’s drawing book. As a matter of fact, it literally was a page, with the drawing of a house on it...

Follow the worldwide Message House Story, from Tanzania, to London, to New Delhi, to Qatar.

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